Ever heard of headphones that fight sweat? No, this isn’t a joke – the new 50 Cent Headphones claim to do so. Improved with waterproof nanotechnology, the wireless headphones by 50 Cent have set out to exploit the loopholes in the Dr Dre headphone range.
Due to their heavy size, over-the-ear headphones make your ears sweat while allowing too much sound from outside. This doesn’t interest music lovers too much who want to only listen to the music playing in their headphones. But when the outer noise filters in easily, their listening experience is diluted.

In-ear headphones aren’t too far behind and even the rugged ones have been increasingly criticized for leeching sweaty moisture from the ear canal, often resulting in malfunctioning of the earphones. This is quite a common occurrence, happening all the time you use a pair of these headphones. But the 50 Cent headphones, equipped with cutting-edge waterproof nanotechnology, defy this drawback, promising a much better listening experience for music lovers. This new line of sport headphones is especially a blessing for fitness freaks, who love to go to the gym with their headphones on.

50 Cent Headphone Features
True, Beats score over all other headphones in the market in sound quality and noise cancelling capability. However, 50 Cent has introduced a new line of headphones – “Street by 50″ and “Sync by 50″ – to give a good competition to Beats by incorporating features that the Dr Dre headphones don’t possess. No other earphone stands closer to this new line of headphones introduced by Curtis Jackson, whose primary aim behind this concept was to introduce a waterproof feature for workout fanatics. With headphones being widely popular with people coming to the gym, this waterproof nanotechnology feature certainly is a step further to improve on workout aspect of earphones. Now you can have a great experience working out while listening to your favorite music.

“Sync by 50″ is more like a sports headphone with Carmelo Anthony’s name on the box designed purposefully for basketball fans. Unlike other headphones, this new line of 50 Cent headphones incorporates a nanotechnology coating

to repel sweat
to protect against fluid immersion
to withstand extreme weather conditions
The 50 Cent new headphones are equipped with an improved blue tooth wireless feature, which offers great improvement in terms of music quality.

The latest edition earphones are branded by styles, themes, and popular characters from Star Wars – Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Imperial, and Rebel Alliance, giving fans a really cool experience. Star Wars has a huge fan following all over the globe, and the latest edition of headphones by 50 Cent are lightweight, durable, and mirror the functionality, sound quality, and aesthetic quality of the SMS Audio STREET introduced earlier by Curtis Jackson’s on-ear wired headphone line.

It remains to be seen to what extent this new line of earphones by 50 Cent will impact the popularity of Beats by Dre.

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