Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has launched a range of active noise cancelling headphones, touted to be the ideal audio listening solution in a loud environment, eliminating unwanted ambient noise. Designed keeping in mind everyday pressures, the new generation of noise cancelling headphones block outside noise and allow you to enjoy uninterrupted music listening experience – just as the artist intended.
The exceptionally stylish and highly durable 50 Cent Over-Ear ANC Wired headphones feature an adjustable headband, cushioned leather ear-cups, soft touch cleaning cloth, removable cable with 3 click microphone, and about 70 hours of background silencing. With the 50 Cent headphone, you are never without music, since it comes with active noise cancellation technology, airplane adapter, micro USB charging cable, and hard shell carrying case for easy transport. Equipped with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that comes with micro-USB charging, these in-charge headphones provide up to 70 hours of playtime.

Active Noise Cancelling
A big set of noise cancelling headphones, the Street by 50 cents has a tri-folding design, enabling you to fold the ear cups for easy traveling or transporting. Switching on the ANC button drastically reduces background noise, which is a plus point when you are traveling on a plane or train. This 50 cents headphone conveniently muffles out chatter and other office noises. One of its distinctive features is that the anti-noise hiss, typical of active noise canceling headphones, isn’t even noticeable when you are playing music in the headphone. You can listen to music at a lower volume and thus save your ears as well as battery.

There’s a microphone, a switch for turning the ANC feature on, and a ControlTalk with a universal button to control music, phone calls, and voice activation. Though there isn’t any auto-shutoff or volume buttons, this isn’t too much of a problem, as the blue LED indicator and battery come to your rescue. Like all Streets headphones, this one also has a plastic body that looks dense and is highly durable, with a thick, removable, and tangle-resistant cable. The system works efficiently on Andoid, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Color Choices
There are two color choices – glossy silver on white and neat stealthy matte black, with both having blue cable, blue hard case, and blue stitching. The discreet matte black looks neat and unique, though a greater choice of colors would be great.

Sound Technology
When you have the active noise cancelling headphones on, you can enjoy music of all genres, with a fantastic audio experience promising to blow minds. With higher better recorded audio, they are well balanced and comfortable to their large size, giving you a wonderful listening experience.

Bottom Line
These noise canceling headphones offer superb performance and are a little more affordable than the Beats by Dre. While the 50 cents’ don’t indulge in over marketing, unlike the Dre, the former is definitely giving good competition for the latter. With a beautiful combination of style, elegance, and functionality, these Over-Ear ANCs are well worth a try for a music lover!

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