The Funkear Story

Funkear is the niche headphone store that Australia has been waiting for. After having to search long and hard to get their hands on the latest cans the team behind Funkear decided it was time that headphones became mainstream and took it upon themselves to bring their love of music to the masses. Headphones have become more than just a way to listen to your music, emerging now as an expression of your own personal style. They have been re-invented with Funkear catering to every individual taste from the fashion freaks to the audio geeks.

Funkear is much more than your everyday retail store. Not only do we bring you the largest range of headphones, with hundreds of different styles and colours, we have created a shopping destination like no other.  When you visit the Funkear store at Parramatta be prepared for an experience. Kick back in our listening lounge and be blown away by the amazing sound of our products. You can listen to our music, bring your own iPod or listen to the in store DJ banging out the latest beats. Browse the latest collections from the most celebrated international labels through our iPad catalogues, which will place our whole range of headphones right at your finger tips. Pose with your friends in our photo booth and see your photo along side Dr Dre, 50 cent, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Justin Beiber and many more on our in store display or just kick back and enjoy some of the live NBA that is playing daily one of our 3 screens.

The range of headphones at Funkear is forever expanding with a focus on finding rare, limited edition headphones which would normally never make it to Australian shores. Make sure you follow us on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to get your hands on the freshest gear.