“Let’s just say a girl can never have too many pairs of sneakers!” Alicia Keys said recently in an interview with Sneakerfiles. And now the singer songwriter is sure to be adding a few more pairs to her collection, thanks to a collaboration with Reebok. Using the Freestyle Hi Dubble Bubble and Freestyle Hi shoes as a base, Keys created a series of designs that reflect her New York upbringing, personal style, and musical influences. The result is a handful of kick ass sneakers featuring everything from studs to the NYC skyline. Not to mention, they’re made in leather, lined in black satin, and have a signature footbed (quality fit for a Grammy winner, of course).

Keys is clearly a sneaker advocate, and goes on to say in the interview, “I’m like any girl. I love my heels, but during rehearsals, when I’m at the gym and when I am out and about in the city, sneakers are my go-to choice of footwear.” We certainly don’t blame her. As a mother, wife, and full time career woman, there’s not always a ton of opportunities to be running around in stilettos. And with sneaks like these, the trade-off hardly seems like a sacrifice. Check out the eye candy below.

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