Nosie-Cancelling is not something Apple is known for. So far Apple’s headphones have been criticised for not being soundproof, but if we go by Apple’s new patent application, we may well see the end of the era of the plastic, noise-bleeding ear-buds. Apple is aware of the drawback of its tiny headphones that allow some side noise in, and the company is apparently coming up with a new soundproof technology for its earphones, with a microphone built-in the earphone.
Seal Your Ear
Known as ear-bud headphones, this new technological innovation is expected to be equipped with satisfactory noise cancellation technology, creating a seal in the user’s ear to help reduce outside noise. According to the patent application, it’s the quality of the seals between ear-buds and ears that affects performance, so when high-quality seal is not present, satisfactory noise cancellation is a problem. The theory is that the amount of noise penetrating the user’s ear depends upon how the ear-bud fits in the ear. The new ear-buds are designed to measure the ambient noise using a tiny microphone and adjusting its output based on that reading to deliver the best sound quality possible.

Also listed in the patent application is a system that informs users if the earphones have a poor seal through a push notification, warning the user whether the ear is properly sealed. The earphones automatically adjust equalization, balance, and noise cancellation settings and supplement the music output with a noise cancelling wave. Microphones, electrical current, and acoustic indicators help find if the ear-buds are properly sealed to the user’s ears. When a poor seal is detected, the headphone automatically calculates an adjustment to the EQ, balance, and noise cancelling settings if it finds the seal imperfect and alerts the user of the imperfect fit on the device, allowing them time to make physical readjustments for better sound.

Noise Cancelling Technology
The self-calibrating ear-bud can deliver enhanced audio reproduction, irrespective of ear shapes and sizes, helping reduce ambient noise without taking up too much space. Using integrated microphones and electrical current measurements, the self-adjusting earphone measures quality of the seal and then automatically raises volume to compensate for a noisier environment. And in quiet environments with no outside noise, the ear-buds automatically reduce volume. However, this technology works less well when the headphones don’t fit properly into the user’s ears and satisfactory noise cancellation isn’t possible.

Another much-talked about feature is the technique used to measure impedance levels. It is likely that the gadget will be designed in a way that it adjusts to the user’s ears perfectly and cuts down on ambient noise, thus rendering an enhanced acoustic experience on the go.

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