The Beats by Dre guys have always been clever at marketing. The latest Beats by Dre commercial features star Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The advertisement seems to be an image makeover or reputation repair effort by Sherman, while for the Beats by Dre, this is just another trick of the trade to promote their new pair of noise canceling headphones.

Block the Noise Feature
In the advertisement, Sherman does what the commercial tagline proclaims “Hear what you want,” when he is surrounded by a throng of blood-thirsty reporters in his locker room, escaping the media’s annoying, irritating, and strong questions about his actions on the field.

Amid the volley of questions, one reporter doesn’t even hesitate to question Sherman whether he considers himself a “thug.” But the Beats by Dre Australia headphones turn out to be his savor in the advertisement and he is able to ignore any satirical or rude questions. The advertisement shows Sherman, wearing his new pair of adaptive noise cancelling cans, remains unnerved and escapes the mob of reporters.

Sheer marketing brilliance! The Beats by Dre Australia marketing team knows when it is time to grab a promotional opportunity with both hands.

The advertisement has come at the right time when Sherman was seriously looking to defend himself after the bizarre verbal post-game explosion, which has been inviting too much criticism from all corners. Nevertheless in his own defense, Sherman came out with a statement, saying that his verbal outburst was the result of Michael Crabtree’s remarks about him this offseason in Arizona. But he refrains from disclosing what irked him, saying that everything happened in the heat of the moment. This was nothing more than “adrenaline talking,” adding “It was just a small part of the person I am. I don’t want to be a villain, because I’m not a villainous person.”

Beats by Dre Silence the Critics
During the game, Sherman was seen yelling at Crabtree and making a choke sign and was thus penalized for unsportsmanlike demeanor. Moreover, Sherman’s deflection of a pass for Crabtree during the closing minutes of the game resulted in a victory for Seattle. This wasn’t all. The post-match rant with a FOX reporter Erin Andrews was horrible.

So should we say the Beats by Dre commercial about the fashion forward headphones has come out at the right time for Sherman?

Well, while critics dubbed him as “not a team guy,” Beats filmed Sherman in the advertisement that says “Silence the critics” and handed out customized fancy headphones to Sherman to distribute them to each of his Seahawks teammates.

Beats by Dre collaborated with Graff Diamonds to custom design the Beats cans for the Seahawks and Broncos, who will also reportedly receive a pair.

If the advertisement does convince you, why not buy Beats by Dre’s noise cancelling headphones and try it for yourself.

Are these new pair of fancy cans as effective as promoted by Sherman’s image repair campaign?

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