Extreme Wired Metal In-Ear Headphone Review

If you’re searching for the new and hot headphone in the market, Ectreme Wired Metal in-ear headphones, noise isolating stereo bass earphones with mic (Silver) is a perfect choice. Designed with the latest technology, the headphone provides the user with intense listening pleasure. It comes with an elegant design that brings out a fine touch of class to the user. Since their release, they have caused a lot of excitement, particularly due to their unique features.

Main Features

Here are several features that make Ectreme Wired Metal in ear headphones stand out from the rest. It’s these features that have incredible sales since its release. Most these features were engineered to address most of the shortcomings of the previous releases.

Stereo Surround Sound

For a long time, quality of the sound has been a challenge with many headphone brands. With its 4D Surrounding Sound designs, the headphone has unbeatable sound performance. They have a deep and rich bass that’s ideal for listening to any music.

Excellent Noice Isolation

Ectreme Wired Metal In-Ear HeadphoneWith these headphones, distractions from both internal and external noises is almost zero. They are designed with a solid sound-insulating material that reduced external noise distraction while minimizing sound leakage. This ensures that its acoustic qualities are preserved.


The headphones are designed with aluminum alloy housing that is extremely durable. The material is corrosion-resistant, anti-aging and lasts longer than the traditional metal. This means that you will enjoy its service for an extended period.

Heavy bass

The headphones comes with an excellent bass quality. The alloy housing is designed to improve the HD quality of the sound. You will definitely enjoy the listening to rock music with these headphones.

Benefits of Buying Ectreme Wired Metal in Ear Headphones

Although it was released not long ago, the headphone is already gaining attraction from users. It is a kind of headphones that will give you value for your money. Here are reasons why these headphones should be on top of your next shopping list.

High Definition Stereo Headphones

Ectreme Wired Metal In Ear HeadphonesThe quality of sound is exceptional. The headphone delivers impressive bass sound at an excellent clarity and improved dynamics. If you love listening to classic music, pop rock music, these are the best choice of headphones.

Built-In Controller and Mic

The headphone comes with a cable that includes an inline controller with a universal mic. You can comfortably play/pause the must with just a press of a button right next to your hand. You can also receive or hung up calls with a touch of the button on the cable.


With the headphone, you can listen to music from different devices. It is compatible with most of the smartphones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, MP3 player and computers.


To make sure that the headphone fits in your ears, you will be provided with 3 different sizes of ear tips made from silicon rubber. You can easily personalize them.


The quality of sound might fade away as the headphone ages.


Ectreme Wired Metal in-ear headphones, is a great headphone to have. The quality of sound is unbeatable and one of the best on the market. It is designed with the end user in mind. It is the kind of headphone that will give value for money.

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