Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came along to the funkear launch party last night. It was CRAZY, with such a huge turn out, and loads of support from everyone who attended. The atmosphere was out of control good!
Special mentions go to:

Troy T on the decks alongside MC Jayson who managed to pump some seriously good beats throughout the night, definitely need this duo back on the funkear decks.

Ben Barba & Junior Tia-Kilifi from the NRL Canterbury Bulldogs who came along looking the part in their funkear shirts & headphones. Perhaps funkear needs to start supporting the doggies next season?

jerkSYD- a very talented dance group of guys who gave us an extremely cool live performance, you had the whole crowd mesmerized. I think you created the term swagger.

All in all we couldn’t have asked for a better night, and its all thanks to YOU. We are going to continue the funk by holding more events just like this one in the coming future, and in the meantime we cant wait to see you back in the store.

We will be continuing to stock new labels, ranges and designs, so don’t assume you’ve seen it all- you’re not even close!

Thanks again for all your support peeps, we are pumped to grow funkear into something spectacular, and just quietly, we think we are well on the way!

Check out some snaps from last night- we don’t have any official ones back yet, but in the mean time here’s a little sneak peek!

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