Did you hear? Some lunatic has closed all surrounding roads in Parramatta today.

Reports say its something to do with legal matters blah blah blah…

But we all know the truth.

This dude is DESPERATE to get to Funkear and thought the best way possible would be to close all surrounding roads around Westfield so he could get his own personal tour. Crazy right? I mean, there is room for everyone dude, a little extreme if you ask us!

Reports also state he had his daughter held hostage, but again, the truth is he apparently found out we are stocking kids headphones so thought he would bring her along. This guy is keen!

With Funkear only having been open for less than 2 days this is more than enough publicity, we really didnt expect things to get so out of hand.

So what are you waiting for? Come down and check it out, and dont forget to put your party shoes on for Thursday’s opening launch party with loads of giveaways, live music & more. If you thought this guy was extreme, wait until you get to our party.

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