FX-Victoria Over-Ear Headphone

FX-Victoria over Ear Headphone has brought a lot of excitement in the market immediately after release. It’s one of the headphones that are setting trends and standards in the market due to its incredible features. The headphone is engineered to deliver top quality sounds, and it does not disappoint. A lot of emphasis can also be seen on its ease of use features. A 10-hour rechargeable battery powers the headphone and thus you can enjoy the music for a longer time. It comes with amazing features that are getting the users extremely excited.

Key Features

The headphone boasts of numerous and unique features that set it apart from the competition. Most of the features are engineered to enhance sound quality and ease of use. Here are the key features that are getting users excited.

Hands-Free Calls

FX-Victoria Over Ear HeadphoneThis is a function that is setting the headphone apart from the rest. It comes with built-in microphone and a volume control that enables the use to make and pick incoming calls. You don’t have to miss any phone call since the earcup controls allow you to switch between music and calls on your gadget.

Dual Mode

FX-Victoria over Ear Headphone can operate in dual mode. With its rechargeable battery, you can operate it in a wireless mode to play music, chat with friends and watch videos. The battery can last for 10 hours. The headphone also designed with 3.5mm jack that allows the user to use as a wired headphone. With the dual mode, you can continue enjoying the music even if the battery goes dead.

Lightweight and Fordable

This headphone is designed to be as light as possible. Whether you are wearing or carrying it, you will not feel inconvenienced in any way. They are easy to store and doesn’t require much space. It’s the perfect headphone for your travel needs.


With FX-Victoria over Ear Headphone, you can listen to music from a variety of gadgets. With its 3.5mm jack, it can be used on almost all smartphones, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad, laptops and all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Extendable Designs

With its ergonomic design and retractable headband, you can easily adjust the size to ensure that the headphone fits you well. The interior is padded with a soft cushion that allows the user to relax for a long time enjoying the music.

Why You Should Buy This Headphone

There are numerous reasons for having FX-Victoria over Ear Headphone, as your number one choice headphones. Unlike a majority of the competition on the market, it is known for the numerous pros that make it stand out. These are benefits that you will enjoy from this headphone.

High Performance

FX-Victoria Over Ear Headphone, Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth Function, Stereo Foldable Headset with Built in Microphone and Volume Control, On Ear Stereo Wireless HeadsetThe sound quality of the headphone is unbeatable. The speakers in the headphone are designed to maximize sound output and minimizing the loss of the same. The fact that it will cover the entire ear, there will be minimal or zero interruption while listening to the music.


This is a kind of one-fit-all headphone. You can listen to music from different devices. With its 3.5mm jack, it is compatible with most of the smartphones, iPhones, iPads, iPhone 7 plus and Bluetooth enabled devices.

Perfect Fit

With ergonomic designs and retractable headband, you can easily adjust to the size that fits you. You’ll not have to worry about loose connections.

Dual Mode

The dual mode is another great feature that has gotten many users excited. The fact that they can use it as a wireless or wired headphone is something that gives the user a great experience.


FX-Victoria over Ear Headphone comes with classic features and pros that will give value for your money. You can select your preference from an array of colours available.

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