Grado SR60e Review

Having a great pair of headphones takes your music listening to a higher level.  With numerous options out there, probably, like most of us you’ve been disappointed by the previous purchases. But worry no more, try Grado SR60e. These are classic headphones available for cheap without compromising on the quality. The headphones are best known for their thumping bass and kicking-drum. In fact, with Grado SR60e, you will start experiencing notes that you never knew existed. The quality of the sound is the best that you get at $79.

Grado SR60e Headphone Review

Grado SR60e Design and Comfort

Appearance is critical when it comes to heads, and Grado SR60e has gotten this right. These headphones are not only design to produce quality sound but also a distinctive look to enhance your appearance while wearing- their sense of fashion is impressive. Size-wise, they are same as the rest headphones- they’re on-ear, not so huge. They are better than most of the available options particularly when it comes to portability. They do not need a headphone amplifier, and that’s a plus compared to most of the competition.

Grado SR60e HeadphonesIt’s also important to note that Grado SR60e leak sound in both directions although this is not unique to it. That means that people next to you can hear what you’re listening to or you can hear what’s going around. For example, you can hear a car passing. But its construction is pretty basic. The headphones use a static headband and do not make use of the folding mechanism, and thus there is nothing to worry about. The foam ear pads provide the user absolute comfort.

What’s New?

Unlike the previous Grado SR60 releases, there are plenty of improvements in the latest release. For instance, previous SR60 generations had a problem with high volumes due to distortion. This resulted in poor sound quality, but it has been rectified in SR60e. Grado also says that they have redesigned the cable to enhance their headphone’s ergonomic features. The driver has also been redesigned to rectify the flaws seen in the previous releases.

Sound Quality

This headphone review also tackles sound quality. Grado SR60e produces superb sound quality and probably the bets that you can find at that price. The sound is clear and free and one that is not compromised by the increment in volume. The bass quality is top notch, and you’ll love listening to any music or even playing games with.

Should You Buy Grado SR60e?

The answer is YES. This is a product that will take your music experience to another level. It’s compatible with a range of devices thus giving absolute flexibility of use. Grado SR60e worth every dollar you spend on it.

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