Headphone Fashion Guide

Our main focus at Funkear is to pair every customer with the perfect headphones for them. Just because a particular headphone is a best-seller does not mean it’s the one for you. Over ear headphones with active noise cancellation are truly amazing, but they are not the right headphone for a DJ rocking a city night club. Funkear was born to help guide you to the best possible sound for you. Our headphone fashion guide below should get you on the way to owning that pair of headphones that takes your music to the next level.

Athlete, Gym Junkie or Casual Trainer

You think you play hard? You are constantly competing at 110%, giving it your all with your goal clearly in sight. Take your game to the next level with a pair of headphones that will enhance your performance. Whether it be getting those extra reps in the gym, or finding the motivation to get up on a cold winter morning and do that extra run that separates yourself from the competition. It takes hard work to be the best so let us lighten the load. Studies have proven that music increases the effectiveness of your training and at Funkear we have the perfect headphones to allow you to enjoy your music and still have the freedom to move through your workout without constantly worrying about knocking out a headphone.

You need a headphone that will stay locked in your ear no matter how fast or hard you train. Most sports headphones are of the in ear variety to reduce a build up of heat and sweat. They also allow for a fair amount of outside noise to be heard to reduce the chance of you getting lost in your favourite Michael Jackson track and being hit by a car. In saying that there are some fantastic sweat proof on ear headphones that make working out that little bit more enjoyable.

So stop making excuses and check out our range of sports headphones here.


You want the best, you have the biggest screen TV you could get your hands on and it has two volumes, mute or max. Your motto for life is “you are either first or you’re last”, there is no room for the second best. So why would you buy second rate headphones? Take your music collection to another place and hear details in your songs that only truly great headphones will allow. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, Funkear offers a great range of headphones for the audiophile in all of us.

So be prepared to hear things you have never heard before and check out our range of audiophile headphones here.


You love to fly. Your favourite song is still “Pretty Fly for a White Guy.  You have enough frequent flyers to buy a house. The air hostess knows you by name and the pilot occasionally lets you fly shot gun. Make these trips a little more enjoyable with a pair of active noise cancelling headphones. Why should you have to listen to the roar of the jet engine while trying to relive your favourite Spice Girl’s album?

So come get blown away, check out our range of noise cancelling headphones here.

Business Person

Your idea of spare time is the walk from your office to your bedroom. You’re all business 24/7. You sleep in your business pants and only fly business class. You are constantly taking business calls. Even your ringtone is business. Basically, you are the boss and your headphones should say as much. Funkear has you covered with some of the classiest headphones available with those must have features to make running your business and enjoying your music seamlessly mix. You frequently fly? Grab a pair with active noise cancelling. Need to take business calls? Make sure you get a pair with a mic.

So be the boss and check out our range of business headphones here.


It seems that kids are born knowing how to use an iPad. They will take your phone and sit their blasting their favourite YouTube videos on repeat over and over again. You want them to be happy but why should you have to listen to the SpongeBob SquarePants intro 16 times a day. Funkear has you covered with a range of headphones that your kids will love in all sorts of character designs.

So get the peace and quiet you deserve, check out our range of kids headphones here.


It is the 21st century; there should be flying cars by now so why are we still using wires on our headphones. Wireless headphones are here and it is about time you got to experience your music freely. Whether it is to watch TV without waking your partner or to run without having to worry, Funkear has you covered with all your wireless needs.

So free yourself and check out our wireless headphone range here.


DJing is hard, why make it harder by using second rate headphones. You need a pair of headphones that are made for DJ’s so that you can focus on putting out the perfect beat. As a DJ you need to hear what is going on around you at the same time as the music. You need a comfortable pair that you can work in for hours. We know the commitment required to make it as a DJ, let Funkear help out where we can.

So stop holding yourself back and grab yourself a pair of headphones that will allow you to take your DJing from your garage to the biggest clubs. Check out our range of DJ headphones here.


Looking good doesn’t stop at your hair style. Everything matters from your snapback to your stilettos. So why would your headphones be any different. Your headphones should compliment your outfit, if that means buying multiple pairs to go with your favourite handbag or new Air Jordan’s then so be it. With the motto “Style you can Hear” you know Funkear has you covered.

So make sure you have the freshest gear, check out our range of fashion headphones here.

New Smart Phone or Tablet

It seems like a new phone or tablet is released every week. We are all constantly trying to grab the latest gadget with all the newest features that we sometimes forget to enjoy them. Sit back and take advantage of your latest smart phone or tablet with a headphone that is optimised for these devices. You want a mic? We have you covered. You want to experience music like your are front row of a AC/DC concert? We definitely have you covered.

So begin to get the most out of your favourite new gadget, check out our range of smart phone optimised headphones here.

Video Gamer

The Modern Warfare 3 release date was more exciting than your birthday and Christmas combined. You don’t call it gaming because to you, it’s not a game. The reason you die first is not because of lag, it’s because they have the better headphones and can hear you coming. Hear every bullet go past and get the jump on your opponents with a pair of our gaming headphones.

So make it an even playing field again, check out our range of gaming headphones here.