Giving the increased popularity of headphones over the past 5 years this is not such a stupid question. Overuse of anything is bad, and your ears are no exception. Abuse or overuse of ears can cause considerable damage to your hearing capacity. Exposure of your ears to too much sound can prove damaging to them, even causing hearing loss. This isn’t a piece of good news, especially for music lovers, who have got used to exposing their ears to high volume sounds by playing speakers close to their ears or using small ear-buds that sit in your ears to block out other noise from the surroundings so that they have a wonderful listening experience. Ever imagined the extent of damage you are causing to your ears by using ear-bud style headphones, considered the worst for ears, when you turn volume up to block out other noises?

The following are a few of the causes of risk of ear damage from exposure to sound:

Are you using portable music devices with headphones?
How close you are to speakers?
How loud the music is?
How often you expose your ears to loud music?
What’s the duration of your exposure to loud music?
I Love my Headphones, What’s the Solution
Well, you can keep the damage done to your ears by headphones to a minimum with a little care. Experts believe that listening time duration and sound volume are critical factors that determine the impact of hearing damage from headphones. Remember, if a person next to you is able to hear all that is playing on your earphones, these are warning signs for your ears. You are exposing your ears to too much sound.

Here are a few tips to ensure you have a wonderful music playing experience with your earphones on:

Use cushioned headphones to give protection to your ears
Don’t listen too loudly
Keep the volume control in hand
Use noise cancelling headphones, where possible
Avoid using earbud style headphones that sit in your ears
Limit your use of music devices to 60 minutes per day
Keep the volume of the device down – no more than 60 percent of the maximum volume
Don’t listen to any iPod style device for more than five minutes if you are playing them at maximum volume
Limit your use of the headphone to just over an hour if you listen at 80 percent of the volume
Enjoy music like anything, without fearing any danger, when the volume is just over 50 percent
Turning down the volume can reduce your risk of hearing damage from earphones. However, the greatest threat comes from earbud-style earphones, as they expose your ears to direct sound, with loud sound hitting the ears directly and nothing to muffle or filter sound.

Use the best quality headphones and reduce the amount of time and volume of music when you use earphones to prevent any long-term hearing damage. Music is for enjoyment, so make sure you don’t abuse your ears too much to end up damaging them.

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