When you love music, it’s no fun listening to your favorite numbers on an ill-fitted headphone. You don’t train in the same clothes as men, so why should you settle for headphones made for men? Women’s headphones are always a great hit, from the size to the fit to the look. For women who care about the artistry of the design and sound, there are a plenty of options in headphones designed especially for women, with style and sound quality assured.

Following are five types of headphones especially designed for women:
1. Frends

A seriously stylish pair of headphones, the intentionally misspelled Frends collection has been designed to look like a piece of jewelry. The designs are available in a range of shiny metal variations that fit as a functional fashion accessory. Complete with memory foam, the Frends headphones feature a soft fabric cord and beautiful leather and 3-button mic with music, volume, and phone control. The soft-touch fabric cord delivers natural sound from the driver, and memory foam cushions keep the headphone comfy. Frends headphones fit most iPhones, iPads, and iPod products.

2. Yurbuds Inspire for Women

These specially engineered headphones for women, Yurbuds earbuds are smaller in size and fit the average female ear fairly well. If you are an athlete, Yurbuds never fall out when running. A welcome earbud for women with small ear canals, these are a great value set of headphones that stay in really well and don’t slip even if you sweat. A perfect training partner for female athletes, this stylish pair of earbuds is available in six colors, other than pink. Sweat & water-resistant, these cans from Yurbuds are loved for their pretty decent sound quality and never hurt or fall out, delivering consistent, premium sound.

3. Molami Bight

Molami designs perfect-for-everyday wear headphones, combining avant-garde design with superb audio sound quality. The perfect combination of fashion and function makes Molami headphones an ultimate fit for the modern day woman. Small in use, Bight uses an elegant streamlined design which makes a subtle statement and could be mistaken for a pair of earrings. This beautiful pair of headphones looks elegant and rests securely on your ears while delivering a luxe listening experience so that you can enjoy music comfortably.

4. X-1 Momentum Sport In-Ear Bud

With a bright teal and white braided cord, the X-1 is both trendy and functional. The elegant looking headphone is sweat proof and weatherproof, which makes it a perfect fit for workouts, withstanding heavy perspiration. Comfortable and durable, the X-1 Momentum uses a lightweight design that produces uninterrupted, premium sound and adds to your listening experience during training or workouts. In-line remote works well with iPod and iPhone and lets you control volume and place or receive calls.

5. Urbanears Plattan

Compact and stylish, the Urbanears Plattan is designed especially for the woman of today. The structure is all about style, designed to fit to the user’s ears. Its small design makes this pair of headphones an ideal fit for a woman’s cranium. Integrated with a built-in microphone and remote, the Plattan works seamlessly with music phones and is available in a spectrum of bright colors. Since these are fully collapsible, you can fold and carry them with ease.

Each set of headphones provides comfort and flawless fit for women.

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