Guess who’s back…………..back again.

No really, it has been confirmed- the white boy of rap, Eminem, is due to hit Australian shores this December, with none other than Lil Wayne coming along as his support act. Tunechi’s back!

News of this has gone viral with tens of 1,000’s of Aussie fans taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their excitement.

This guy sure can put on a show, with many fans still talking about his last Australian tour that happened close to 10 years ago. What we want to know is who do YOU think should come out with Shady? (there are more acts yet to be confirmed for the December shows in Sydney and Melbourne) With a huge following of fellow A-list rappers, we would love to see a surprise cameo from Nicki Minaj, Kanye, or Drake perhaps? It would make for an unreal live version of Forever.

Who would you like to see join Mr. Slim Shady?


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