Being the geniuses they are, Nike have just recently released the famed Back to the Future shoe, made famous in the 1989 cult film “Back to the Future II” when Marty McFly travelled to the year of 2015.

The shoe has been made to replica the same design as seen in the movie, including a super cool glowing Nike symbol seen on the front strap (lasting up to 5 hours glowing time when charged). Various LED lights also appear on the sole and heel of the shoes. The only dissapointment? The shoes wont lace themselves, damn.

Shoe fans have been showing nothing but love for the release, with peeps travelling from all over for the unveiling. Matt Halfill avid shoe collecter and owner of said ‘This is the biggest thing that has happened to sneakers since Michael Jordan’ and even going as far to say ‘Other than the birth of one of my children, i wouldn’t have missed this for anything’

Nike have released a limited 1500 pairs with all proceeds going directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease research. We love fashion in the name of a good cause- even more reason to spend up big!


Speaking of spending up big, the limitied edition Nikes have been selling fast online ranging from $3500-$10,000 to score a pair of the kicks. Big shout out goes to Brittish rapper Tinie Tempah who shelled out $US37,500 to call a pair his own. That is some serious shoe love.

A newly released promotional video sees Christopher Lloyd back in the role of Dr Emmit Brown entering the mall in search of some new shoes.

“Does this power lace?” asks Lloyd.

“Not til’ 2015” a Nike employer responds.


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