Monster Headphones has teamed up with Adidas Originals to launch a new line of high-performance headphones, featuring the sport brand’s trademark three stripes and iconic bright blue coloring. The new line of Monster headphones, with a design inspired by Adidas Originals, includes both over-the-ear option and earbuds. The first few products from the new lineup will start to appear very soon.


Adidas Originals is a big brand in the sports industry, designing retro sportswear and clothing worn by popular hip hop artists and bands, including The Stone Roses. Adidas chose Monster Headphones for this new product lineup, as the latter has many parallels with the former, which is the leading brand in sports, along with a “strong heritage in style and technology.”

Monster’s innovation and audio expertise in designing the one of the best headphones in the world has impressed the leading sports brand to choose the former for its new innovative headphone lineup. This is not the first time Adidas Originals has collaborated with other well-known earphone brands.

Adidas had earlier joined hands with rival Sennheiser for its Originals lineup and produced a massive array of headphones, of which the sporty class of Sennheiser MX680I Adidas Sports Ear Bud became widely popular.

Adidas has now entrusted Monster Headphones with the responsibility of producing an exciting range of headphones with a focus on “creativity, innovation and style.” In this new era of authentic Adidas creations, the world’s top sports brand company believes that Monster’s audio expertise will help create a unique and exceptional experience in the marketplace.

Monster has been constantly on the lookout for partnering with interesting brands to bridge the gap created by its divorce with Beats by Dre, which ended its collaboration with the former in early 2012. Since then, the audio firm has announced production of Octagon earphones inspired by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC chose Monster for the production of its official headphone.

Branded by the popular sportswear company, the Monster headphones, with an iconic look and feel of Adidas, are expected to create interest, especially among teens and sport lovers. Adidas’ unique products have become part of lifestyle heritage.

There is still no word on the pricing details as of the Monster headphones. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope this is going to be a win-win deal! After all, who isn’t eager to take an Adidas branded headphone from Monster?

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