Mpow PC Headset, 3.5mm/USB Headset Noise Cancelling Mic Stereo On-Ear Headphones

If you’re looking for crystal clear chat headset, this is the perfect headphone. The headphone is already causing a buzz in the market due to its incredible features. Here are some of the key features that are making it stand out from the rest.

Main features

Most of these features address common problem with previous releases. Most of them are an enhancement of the previous features. Here are the main features of Mpow PC Headset, 3.5mm/USB Headset;

1.    Crystal Clear Chat Headset

The headphone is designed with a moving microphone which can be twisted discretionarily to pick a clear voice. With this design, the voice comes out loud and clear. It makes it very easy to isolate the unwanted background noises for a clear conversation.

2.    Extended-Wear Comfort

Mpow PC HeadsetThe headphones are made with a headband and soft ear pads. This are formed with foam material wrapped with skinny protein leather. This makes it comfortable to wear for a long period of time without causing headache or a sweaty ear.

3.    Noise Reduction Sound Card & Easy Access

It is designed with an in-line volume switch and microphone/speaker mute that you can easily access. The headphone also comes with a built-in noise reduction sound card that lowers noise output from your device. That’s how you enjoy the music comfortably with minimal distraction.

4.    3.5mm Jack/ USB Connection Option

The headphone provides you with the flexibility to interchange from audio jack and USB options. With its 3.5mm audio jack, you can easily detach it from the headset to give you additional connections. By this, it gives more connection options for phones and tablets. The USB plug can also allow for the connection with your PC.

5.    Multi-Purpose & Wide Compatibility

The headsets can be used for chatting and playing music. But you can also use it as a backup to a priority gamer headset. Mpow PC Headset, 3.5mm/USB Headset has a wide compatible with Windows this includes tablet PC, Androids, Mac OSX among others.  

Benefits of Mpow PC Headset, 3.5mm/USB Headset

Here are some of the main benefits that you will enjoy by having this headset

    Stereo Audio Performance

Mpow PC Headset On-Ear HeadphoneThe headset has a super 40 mm driver unit and ability to sound processing. The USB headset has a capability of delivering a firm and as well as high-definition audio which is very clear- this gives a balanced tone when you are engaging on Skype.

    Multiple Connection Modes

Due to detachable cables, you will get various connection options. The headsets can be connected to your computer via the USB port/ 3.5mm audio cable. The connection can also be done to a cell phone via 3.5mm audio cable.

    Designed For Lasting Comfort

The headset has been designed be provided maximum comfort. This is due to its ear pad which is covered with a soft protein memory. This makes one comfort during long talking sessions.

    Easy To Set Up

With 2.4 meters long this gives you the flexibility to move around while you are talking. This digital USB connection also allows you to get plugged quickly.     


This is a great headset to buy. If you want a replacement or new headphone, I would recommend Mpow PC Headset, 3.5mm/USB Headset due to its fantastic features and benefits.

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