Undoubtedly, the Beats by Dre Studio is by far the most recognizable headphone in the industry, with its stylish, comfortable design that attracts a lot of attention. For music lovers tired of the same old look, the new Studio is a must-have sweet-looking pair of headphones – whose appeal is undeniable and will turn heads if you wear them in public. So if you are looking for a real attention-grabbing headphone, this is it!
A Blend of Elegance and Comfort
The remastered Beats Studio headphone by Dr. Dre seem to have matured and become more streamlined and sleeker than the original pair. It is not a massive departure from the older set, but the cosmetic update is significant enough to grab attention, with more evident contours and sporty lines. Dashing and elegant, the headphone features an outline of stylish chrome accents that meets the memory foam padding and the Studio logo on the headband. True to its official motto “lighter, sexier, stronger and more comfortable,” this pair of headphones can vouch for all that. Though the foam padding on the earpieces and the headband will need regular cleaning, you would not mind exercising your hands a bit in order to maintain its unique looks and performance.

Noise Cancellation
In terms of performance, there isn’t much to scoff at. The new Studio headphone seems to be a formidable premium offering from Beats, with greatest attention paid to the overall sound stage. This means you can now clearly hear more intricate nuances and instrument sounds, unlike the older Beats version that sacrificed clarity around different sounds for raw thumping lows. The latest Beats by Dre Studio scores high on its noise cancelling ability, immediately acting as a barrier for the rest of the world’s noise as you put them on. Also, there is little audio leakage here, which means you can just play your music at full volume and not bother about annoying anyone else with the sound.

The interesting design ensures that the Studio headphones automatically derive power when you insert the 3.5mm audio cable and shut down when the plug is removed. The USB charging cable powers the earphone batteries supporting the active noise control feature. Though the unit boasts a 20-hour battery life, the biggest drawback is that if you have no battery, the Beats by Dre set is redundant. But this is a good payoff for a long-running battery that powers the headphones. You have to be careful not to forget to remove the audio cable from the button on the left side when the headphone isn’t in use; else that would be a waste of battery.

One of the best features of the latest Studio headphones is their impressive base performance. Beats have taken special care to encompass the numerous tastes of music in the remodeled set, which means they sound fantastic across Hip-Hop, Classical, Soul, and Latin drums, among others. Another point to note is here is that while percussion instrument sound remains intact, mid-range tones can be heard along with the thumping and lows.

Bottom Line
All in all, new Beats by Dre Studio are a superior sounding solution with more durability, better overall balance, and less technical hassle. They are an ultimate on-the-go solution, promising quality sonic performance while killing background chatter! So the verdict is out – Beats by Dre offers a fantastic and comfortable listening experience

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