A relatively new company, Sol Republic has introduced the latest range of headphones to suit different tastes and styles. Their latest Master Tracks headphones are over-the-ear that not only look elegant, but also promise a typical style of fashionable, trendy cans for a less fancy price.
Style & Comfort
Exuding a fine balance between tasteful design and luxury, the Master Tracks are an instant attraction grabber with their dark satin finish and their material construction resonating with quality. Relatively lightweight than the Tracks HD headphones, Master Tracks are a class apart from their predecessor, which could pinch your ears. The Master Tracks not only look great, but also are extremely comfortable to wear with the plush micro-suede headpad. With earcups fitted onto the super-soft earpads, wearing the cushioning earpads will cocoon your ears, allowing you to wear them for extended periods, without any problem. The circumaural pads are plush while the headband has a good amount of padding underneath as well, which makes them extremely convenient and comfortable for you to hold them over long listening sessions.

Sound Quality
With crisp and controlled sound quality, the headphone uses speakers that wear a retro vinyl look due to the spun metal finish and sound utterly brilliant, creating an amazing listening atmosphere that will suck you right in. The bass is well distributed and doesn’t feel muddled, rattling, or overbearing, unlike other DJ earphones. The Sol Republic headphones perform well on all devices and are the best solution for all types of listening needs, including spoken words and vocals. All EQ levels seem to be on a level playing field, making them an ideal headphone pair for DJ use.

These are big, professional style headphones, with an excellent range that pumps out a banging bass along with clear and crisp vocals – a feature the Sol Republic have worked hard to achieve. With the cans covering the whole of your ear, there is no chance of ambient noise playing the spoilsport and interrupting your listening experience. The set seems to be missing mic or volume control option, and Sol Republic is expected to work on the drawback.

Like other Sol Republic headphone range, the Master Tracks can be easily dismantled, which makes travelling with them easier. With headband’s Flex Tech technology, it is almost indestructible. Lighter in weight than many of their rivals, this latest pair of headphones includes a remote and inline microphone for mobile devices. With a powerful sound signature, the Master Tracks headphone is notable for its clear midrange, full and defined low end, and vast stereo image.

Bottom Line
By designing the Master Tracks, the producers have tried to bring the glamour and sound experience of the recording studio to your ears. Comfortable, stylish, and well built with excellent sound quality, the Master Tracks are an absolute joy to use every day and by far the best headphones from Sol Republic.

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