No, this isn’t a stethoscope – this is a headphone that also monitors your heart rate. LG has introduced a new line of Sports Headphones that claim to track your oxygen consumption and heart rate through your ears while you are working out, promising to push your fitness to the next level. This is the year of fitness gadgetry when technology really takes off.

Entering the world of fitness gadgets, Heart Rate Headphones are integrated with PerformTek sensor technology that helps measure blood flow in the outer ear to monitor heart rate. So while you listen to your favorite numbers, the cans will silently carry out their other task.

Sports headphones That Are a Fitness Gadget, Heart Rate Tracker
Most of us take headphones for granted, irrespective of the fact that we take them everywhere. Whether it is about passing time during commute or powering us through strenuous workout sessions, headphones have been continuously entertaining us. Now LG headphones do more than just entertain us – they are designed as Heart Rate monitors, measuring your heart rate and blasting your favorite song.

A typical example of the ongoing trend in wearable fitness tracking technology, these fitness gadgets are bale to easily stream songs with the help of a clip-on remote. The South Korean company unveiled the heart rate monitoring headphones at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – the ultimate launching pad for some of the innovative gadgets in the world of technology.

The sports headphones are very practical and health-oriented, tracking your workouts and telling you how hard you’re working out. Not only this, they are designed in a way that they can hooked up with LG’s Lifeband Touch to make phone calls and record the number of calories burned during the workout session. The earphones are technologically capable of transmitting data to third-party fitness apps and can be linked to iOS & Android phones and BT 3.0. What’s more, the innovative line of headphones enables you to play your heartbeat as an audio track.

Bottom Line
If CES is any indication, heart rate headphones are here to stay and they can easily integrate into your regular life, helping you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals, while also keeping a check on your heart rate.

It seems the LG heart rate series of sports headphones will leave a lasting impression for its array of features. What do you say?

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