adidas know a thing or two about making exercise look good. Having come a long way from the button up tracksuit pants, and now with a reputable name in the sports world, adidas’s collaboration with audio experts Sennheiser meant a creation we could well and truly trust.


We would like to introduce you to just one of the products that will call Funkear home-

The Sennheiser adidas CX 680 Sports Headphones.

Not just a mouthful of words, these super light, waterproof (sweat AND rain proof) headphones will deliver everything you ever wanted in a work out buddy.

With most headphones you don’t get much more than the product themselves, however with the CX 680 you get more bang for your buck with the box containing all of the following bits and pieces:

2 sets of extra earhooks
Alligator clip for securing cable.
Cable extension for the earbuds, with included volume control
Carrying case
Cleaning tools
Instruction manual
The earbuds themselves
Moulding perfectly to your ears (note: if you have unusally large ears don’t worry, they can be adjusted to all sizes making them ear friendly, however they wont stop the ‘jumbo’ comments from your friends), these headphones will make exercise feel far from the dirty sweaty task it really is, instead you will feel like your running through a cloud of your favourite tunes with exceptional bass jam packed into this tiny creation.
Retailing from $79.95, its that little bit extra for a whole lot more.

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