Do you know what really rocks? The Beats Pro headphones by Dr. Dre! Nobody knows this fact better than King James or LeBron James, the Miami Heat power forward. James says, “I know where I want to be before each game, and the music is how I get there,” and what gets him the music that calms his mind and prepares him for the next showdown – the Beats Pro headphones. The Beats by Dr. Dre series of headphones have become an important accessory for athletes across the world.

Beats is where the party really is? If you want to know how James became NBA’s Most Valuable Player three times, you need to get into his headphones. Feel the pulse of the music and get right into his psyche. You need to feel him through his music and that’s what his customized Beats by Dr. Dre headphone do for him, making him who he really is on the basketball court – King James!

Whether it is an NBA playoff match or an all-star game, James has his mind on the music and the basket. Every time he attacks and drives to the basket, it is the pre-game musical session that motivates his performance. Watching him play is like watching an orchestra playing the sonata, thanks to his pair of Beats. Truly nothing beats the Beats!

What’s more, now he even brings to the game Beats by Dr. Dre speakers, which blast out “My Type of Party” by Dom Kennedy. The entire arena is echoing with the beat, every Miami Heat player is preparing for the battle amid the echo from the Beats by Dr. Dre speaker, and then the game begins. James logs his 5,000th career assist and becomes the youngest player in the history of NBA to reach 20,000 points. The game ends with a win, and the beats are on again as the entire arena echoes with the chant of “King James, King James!” and “My Type of Party”.

The Small “b” in the Big Beats!
Do you know what is common between LeBron James and Michael Phelps? The small “b.” Yes! The headphones you have seen them wearing with a small ‘b’ on the ear cups is what Beats by Dr. Dre is all about. Whether it is Canada’s track cyclist Joseph Veloce or swimmers Sun Yang of China and Park Taewan of Korea, the music of their success comes through their Beats headphones. In fact, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones were on the top of the charts in the London Olympics 2012.

So what is Beats all about? Beats by Dre is a range of powerful headphones created by Dr. Dre and sold across the world under the Beats by Dr. Drebrand name. In 2009, $59 million worth of Beats by Dre headphones were sold across the United States, and by 2012, the smart headphones brought revenue worth $850 million, and these headphones, with the iconic ‘b’ in Avant Garde Gothic, came into the limelight across the continent.

What does Dr. Dre have to say? He says, “We were just trying to uplift sound and change the way people listen to music.” Today, Beats has also entered the audio technology market and has partnered with big brands like HP, Chrysler, and HTC to take their sound right into people’s computers, mobile phones, and cars. Beats is not just about music, it is a brand in itself that offers sound, attitude, and style in an interesting package.

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